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02 Jun2021


Technology and digital data is more important than ever in running a business around Sacramento – but for small companies, it’s difficult (and expensive) to build, manage, and support your IT in-house.One Day IT is your perfect IT solutions company, because we not only understand the challenges you face, we can help you improve with affordable IT consulting services. More importantly, we help your company save both time and money, while providing you excellent service and computer support.

02 Jun2021


One Day IT works with each of our customers individually to recognize needs and provide individualized strategy, implementation and computer services that improve their business’ technology performance because it ensure business continuity. Looking to outsource your IT and computer support? Want to enhance the infrastructure you presently have? Our professional IT consultants will work with you to put together a package that meets your needs – and you’ll only receive and pay for the services you want. We are the northern California IT solutions company for your business.

02 Jun2021


With experience in a wide variety of industries, our knowledgeable IT professionals, engineers and computer support staff members will help anticipate and troubleshoot issues. And when the need arises, we’ll be there to offer assistance and support – an IT solutions company as near as your phone or email.

02 Jun2021


Along the way, we’ll answer any questions you have and offer IT computer support when you need it. Because our programs are flexible, with options to grow, add or change capabilities we will help you get improved results from your IT systems – saving you time, money and headaches – while your company grows

17 Nov2023

Cloud Services Backup

Posted on February 24, 2012
Had a customer who thought he had a virus because his computer was running slow. We suggested to the customer to image their computer using ShadowProtect (refer to previous blog (http://www.ddkhelp.com/shadowprotect-saves-the-day-again/) before we continued and customer agreed. Rather than take 20 -30 minutes, image was created in 8 hours. Diagnosed and found that the HardDrive was failing and custotmer had a warranty through a local store. So suggested to customer to utilize the OneDayIT, Inc. Cloud Services Backup and he said ok. We were able to post his documents and pictures and movies to the OneDayIT, Inc. Cloud. Customer picked up Laptop and we reviewed with him how to utilize his new Cloud Services Backup. Customer dropped off Laptop for repair and was told would take 2 weeks to replace HD but was given a Brand new Loaner. Customer was able to install the Cloud Services Backup Agent in his loaner Laptop which lasted 1 day and then it blue Screened. Customer asked for another Loaner and received one and then installed the Cloud Services Backup Agent and had all his data again all in a Virtual Volume on his 2nd Loaner Laptop. When customer gets his Laptop back he will be able to synchronize his data from the cloud back to his Laptop. So if you are concerned about your data, contact OneDayIT, Inc., Inc. at http://1dayit.com or at help@1dayit.com

17 Nov2023

MSG using email

Text using Outlook or email client
Posted on April 2, 2012
How do I send a text from Outlook or an email client
To send text from Outlook or email client
ATT Wireless AreaCodePhoneNumber@txt.att.net
MetroPCS AreaCodePhoneNumber@mymetropcs.com
SprintPCS AreaCodePhoneNumber@sprintpcs.com
Tmobile AreaCodePhoneNumber@tmomail.net
Verizon AreaCodePhoneNumber@vtext.com
examples 9165555555@txt.att.net
You can verify your email settings at http://network-tools.com/default.asp?prog=test&host=9165555555@txt.att.net substitute your phone number in the url
Thank You OneDayIT, Inc. http://1dayit.com inquiries@1dayit.com